Module 1, Basic Processing

After each step that requires it a small checklist will be added so that members can avoid common pitfalls.

When first receiving a computer to the WAHS Squad you must help the customer fill out the yellow ticket to put on top of the laptop regardless of whether you can repair it or not.  Try not to seem belittling no matter the triviality of the issue.  Smile, because we need to put forth a friendly face.

  • Make sure the ticket is stuck to the top of the lid of the laptop
  • Make sure the asset tag space is filled out
  • Make sure the student has added an email that they will check
  • Makes sure that the issue that the student has identified on the sheet will make sense to other WAHS Squad members

When either you are unable to fix a computer yourself, or you are untrained in the repair of a computer feel free to bring it directly to Mr. Showers for instructions and a quick lesson in that particular repair.

If you cannot complete a repair and you would not like to receive individual training, or Mr. Showers is busy, simply place the computer with the ticket attached onto the WAHS Squad cart just outside the entrance to the music studio.

  • Make sure the laptop is placed on the top shelf of the cart
  • Make sure the laptop has an intelligible ticket on the top

After you are finished with a repair you must log the ticket to Kase, or if you are unable to log it to Kase because it is not available to you(as of Sept. 2016 it is not) you will need to bring the computer to Mr. Showers so he can long and fill the ticket with Kase.

  • Do not give a laptop to the librarians without having the ticket logged on Kase
  • Do not preform a repair for which you have not received training for, regardless of whether you can do it or not.

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