Module 3, Screen connector.

Symptoms of a disconnected screen:

Usually a screen connector will not have fully come loose.  Usually the screen connector will be partially connected.  This results in:

  • Very dim or black screen
  • Totally White screen
  • Black screen with some backlight
  • Screen not turning on at all

Symptoms of a screen that is just broken and needs to be replaced:

  • Cracks or fractures visible in the screen
  • Many colors in sharp patterns

Fixing a disconnected screen:First remove the plastic coverings and unscrew the two screws on the bottom of the front panel surrounding the screen on the inside of the laptop.

  • Make sure to unplug the laptop before going any further if you have not already
  • Have a place to store loose screws so you don’t loose them

Use a wedge on the outside edge of the panel and the laptop lid to pry it loose, or use your fingers grasping on the inside bottom edge to pry it loose.  The first is preferable, and only to be used if there is absolutely no wedge available.

  • Do not apply wedge between the screen and the screen cover
  • Do not apply pressure to the screen when you can avoid it, as they are particularly susceptible to cracks during this process
  • Don’t worry if you break off a few black plastic tabs, the screen cover will go back; if it doesn’t you can tape it if you really want to, but for the love of whatever you deem holy, don’t glue it.

Next, unscrew the four screws fixing the screen itself to the lid.  They should be obvious, they are attached to the metal tabs that connect directly to the screen.

Next lay the screen face down onto the keyboard.  The cord may stick to the lid, just pull it loose.  Then cut the tape attaching the connector to the screen, and pull it loose.  Plug it back in fully, and power the machine on.  If the lenovo logo shows up, it is reconnected.

  • Hold the screen gently because it is a bit delecate.
  • Make sure you are holding the cord when pulling it loose from the lid to avoid the connector becoming broken

Reconnect the screen connector, and make sure it is fully and properly seated in the back of the screen.  Use glue to secure the screen connector in place.  This glue is VERY strong and under no circumstances should you touch it.  Only a very small amount is required, do NOT use too much.  If yo are unsure of how much to use see Mr. Showers.  Put a piece of masking tape over the glue so it can dry without touching any other components.

  • If you do get glue on yourself, wash your hands in warm water, quickly.

Put the computer back together, and log the issue to Kase.

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