Module 4, Hard Drive Diagnostics and Repair

When a student is experiencing a problem with the hardware of their computer, such as the hard drive there is very little we can do except replacing it.  Because this problem cannot be fixed with a software fix, we will naturally need to do some diagnostics to make sure that the problem is indeed with the Hard Drive, because we cannot just throw hardware at our problem.  Signs of a Hard Drive Failure:

  • Windows will not boot
  • System 32 Error, File not found
  • Goes Directly to boot menu
  • Extremely slow startup

After we have decided that we think there is a Hard Drive error we will need to run the lenovo diagnostics to confirm.

During startup spam f12 to enter the startup interrupt menu.  Then you will press tab to navigate to the lenovo diagnostics, and choose the storage test.  DO NOT change any of the options, just choose “Run Test”.  This may take a while to run, and if any of the tests fail the Hard Drive is bad and must be replaced.  You can press escape to exit the test when you have identified that the drive is bad.

Replacing the Hardware:

To replace the hard drive you must flip the laptop over and locate the screws on the back plate, and unscrew them.

  • The  screws to the right and left of the battery do not need to be removed

There are two black screws that connect the Hard Drive to the rest of the computer (the 11e only have one screw), unscrew them and pull the hard drive out.

  • Pull out, not up on the hard drive to keep the connector intact.
  • If the drive is not coming out easily make sure all the screws have been taken out

Insert a new Hard Drive, and use the screws that fastened the previous Hard Drive to re-fasten it to the rest of the computer.  Re-attach the back plate and finish the ticket in Kace.

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