Meet Your Technicians


Hi, my name is Max. I am one of your WAHS Squad presidents next to Jay. My role in the WAHS Squad is mainly focused on website design as well as module creation. At Western I’ve taken computer science and Web Design for the past three years. You can find me at the desk during third period and often at tab. Outside of school I enjoy Netflix and the occasional video game as well as my sports. Favorite movie/show changes about every two weeks but right now I’m really enjoying Narcos and New Girl. Anyways that’s enough about me, and I hope to see you guys around the desk.   


Cole is a Junior at Western. He is at the desk before school, and sometimes during TAB and Lunch. He is interested in Computer Science, Chemistry, and Physics. He plays on the Golf, Tennis, and Scholastic Bowl teams at Western, along with participating in the Robotics Club. His favorite movie is Primer.

Jay is a Senior at Western. You can find him at the WAHS Squad desk before school and during 3rd period. He is interested in computers, programming, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. Along with being a co-president of WAHS Squad, Jay is the president of Chem Club, and the Science National Honors Society. His favorite quote is: “Quotation is a serviceable substitute for wit.” –Oscar Wilde


A Senior at Western, Lily is interested in Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, and Forensic Pathology. She is at the help desk during 6th period. Lily enjoys playing the trombone, harp, and piano, as well as collecting comic books and drawing. Her favorite movie is Spiderman (2002).




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