Palm Rest Module

To remove the palm rest you will first need to remove the back cover.

After removing the back cover you will need to unscrew the two screws that are attached to the keyboard which are found in indents in the black plastic chassis under the backplate and marked with M2x4.  You will also need to remove the additional two screws that are marked with M2x4.

On the newer models you will need to remove the battery, and all of the screws under it.

  • The screws under the battery are flatter and shallower and may require a smaller bit to remove.

Also remove the hard drive by unscrewing the single screw on the newer models, and the two screws on the older models and carefully removing the cable attached to it.

  • This may require some force to unplug, but be careful

At this point you should have removed 12 screws excluding those on the backplate.  Ensure you have these eight, and that they are somewhere that they will not get lost.

  • If you have more that 12, you likely removed too many screws from beneath the battery, you only need to take out the flatter screws with the wider heads.

Now remove the four screws on the back portion of the bottom case.  These screws would be outside of the backplate.

Now remove the two rubber tabs on the front right and front left corners of the laptop, and remove the screws beneath.  Don’t lose these tabs.

  • It may be helpful to have some kind of wedge or pick to pry these tabs loose.

Next remove the keyboard and disconnect it from the motherboard.

Unscrew the four screws that attaches the metal chassis of the top case to the motherboard

Unplug the four connectors from the motherboard.  For the three ribbon connectors make sure to be gentle with the stickers and hold down the black tabs as you remove them, as they will break the tabs that are used to sit the ribbon connectors if you don’t.  Do not lose these stickers, we will need to put them back when we are done.

BE SURE that before you attempt the final step that you have unscrewed everything, and that you have disconnected all of the cables you need to.

Now that you are absolutely 100% sure that you have done that, and you have 19 screws in your tray push the screen back as far it will go.  Pry the case from the chassis of the computer.

  • pull it straight out away from the screen parallel to the motherboard.

Replace the palm rest and close the ticket in kase.

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